October 5, 2009

fall days make us think

saturday was a wonderful fall day. Denver, Teresa, Heidi, her kids and I went to Oakhurst to ride the Sugar Pine Railroad. What a treat! We got to take a fun train ride through the mountains. After, we had a picnic lunch. What a great way to spend a beautiful fall morning!

Later, while watching conference, Teresa, Heidi and I started to make pinecone wreaths. I still have to finish mine, but it looks pretty good so far! Conference was pretty powerful this time around! I loved Elder Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon and how powerful his testimony was about it. I hope one day I can have a testimony with that much power.

fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. some things i love about fall are:
candles that smell of vanilla and "fall" smells ;)
crisp fall air
leaves just as they are changing colors
those are just a few. i learned from my grandma and grandpa bryce how to appreciate what Heavenly Father has given us. I thought about that a lot while riding on the train, driving in the car, while listening to conference, and today looking at a powerpoint my mom sent me. It only takes a simple realization to appreciate the beauty in all things. That's what my grandma taught me, and i love her for that.
well this week should be full of things to do. each day holds the potential for beauty...now i've just got to recognize it! :)