July 3, 2010

4th of July!

So I am horrible at remembering to document important events in Denver's and mine life. So there are really not many pictures of my birthday or anything. Oh well. Denver and I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday, because he had to work Thursday night. So we celebrated dinner at Olive Garden. For my birthday I didn't do much, just went to a Patriotic/Pioneer concert thing up at school for my F.A 100 class. But thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday and sent me birthday love! :)

This morning there was a parade in town, so Denver and I went with our friends Emilie and Jordan. It was pretty neat. Then we had a late breakfast at J.B's. It was delicious! We had decided to ride our bikes to the parade instead of driving. The best decision we ever made!

Well only 3 more weeks of school left! Boy, am I ready for the semester to end. I can't wait to go to Las Vegas this summer with my family, then to California. It will be a nice well deserved break. :)

I promise my next blog will display pictures of our new place, I just have to keep the place clean long enough to remember! :)