January 1, 2013

Ring Out Wild Bells!

It's January 1, 2013! 

For some reason, 2013 sounds very futuristic to me. I really don't know why it seems that way, it's really not that different from last year. I have always loved New Year's Day, it is just a day filled with hope, resolutions, a chance for a clean, fresh start. A whole clean slate ready for us to write our stories on it. 

I really loved my sister in law Shannon's idea about using one word to focus on throughout the new year. I tried it last year, and it was challenging. So this year, I am determined to really apply it to my life. Maybe it's because I'm getting older (I know I'm not old, just at a stage of life I've never been in) so I really want to grab the most out of my life this year. So here is my word: immerse. 

Immerse: to plunge into something that surrounds or covers. To take in and make part of an existing whole. 

My goal for myself is to immerse myself in meaningful aspects of life, such as the gospel, personal relationships, and knowing myself. 

For my New Year's Resolution List, I always cram too many things on the list and end up angry that I didn't accomplish them all. So this year I simplified my list. Here are a few: 

  • Attend at least 6 temple sessions with Denver. (This may not seem like much, but I figure if I put 6 down, we can easily reach that goal and go above and beyond)
  • Plan 6 creative dates for Denver and I. (I feel that relationships are always growing, and I have found Denver and I are constantly learning new things about each other. I really want to bring our relationship to a new level)
  • Monitor the things I say-more optimism, more love, more gratitude.
  • President Uchtdorf said that there is always something to cherish in each day, we just have to look for it. 
  • Learn something new. (I feel kind of sluggish because I'm no longer a student. This will give me a chance to dust off those cobwebs in my noggin') 
So there are some goals. I really am going to immerse myself in changing my quality of life. I feel that I have been just sitting by, watching my life go by. That is no way to spend your precious life. President Abraham Lincoln said," Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. "

So, succeed! Happy goal setting to everyone!