August 14, 2015

Dear Lincoln #3

Dear Lincoln, 

Today is a special day for your Dad and I. Today is our anniversary. We've been married six years. But this anniversary is even more special, because you're a part of it! I can't believe your Dad and I have been married that long :) It's hard to believe that one day you'll be looking to marry a special girl. Thank goodness that's not for many, many years! 

I know I say I always worry about you, and that's true. But I also look forward to all the things you will get to experience. I believe you will teach me new ways of looking at the world. I believe you will teach me to see more of the good in people rather than the negative. I believe you will teach me that love has no limits. 

Your Dad and I have spent six wonderful years together. Since the day we got married, we've been a busy couple. We both finished college and earned our diplomas. We've moved around quite a bit. Around eight times to be exact. We've both worked hard to support ourselves through school and then as normal everyday adults. We purchased our first home, and then another. We've had our highs and lows. Six years seems like it has gone by in a wink. I remember thinking when we were first married that we had such a long time before we would have to think about kids. I remember we kept wanting to achieve milestones before would begin seriously considering starting a family. Well Lincoln, we achieved those goals. We have no regrets about the way we have spent our married life thus far. And now our new adventure begins with you!

You may be wondering what your Dad and I are like. How we could stand to be together for such a long time :) Well, maybe that will be for another day. Your Dad and I don't like to talk about ourselves so much. We're both pretty private and quiet people. But I'll have you know that your Dad is one of the kindest, most hard working people I know. Maybe I'll have him describe me to you sometime. But one thing is for sure about your mother- I sure do love you. Which is another odd experience for me. I've always been so selective of the people in my life. I didn't get to choose you, you chose us. But I am very grateful you did. 

Lincoln, I am grateful you get to be a part of our anniversary this year. It's definitely a new experience, but I like embracing it. 


Your Mother