October 21, 2009


yesterday teresa and I picked up some final touches for my room. It included:
-a picture hanging kit to hang up a framed picture from the honeymoon
-a cream colored ottoman to be placed at the end of the bed
-a matching pillow to jazz it up (Denver calls it the "lovebird pillow.")
-a brown wooden tray
-a candle plate
-a festive fall candle
-a photo albumn
-a square vase filled with brown wicker-like balls

I've decided you can decorate your entire home in Target. I love Target!

So exciting! I just love my room it is so inviting. I had always dreamed of the day I would be picking things out for my first place. Which leads me to some good news-it looks like Denver and I have our first place up at school! Happy day!

Somedays it all doesn't seem real. Sometimes I ask myself if I really am married to such a wonderful guy, if I really am halfway done with COLLEGE, and will it really be time to start a family in a few years? Kind of funny how time flies. I always used to hear people say that (still do!) and never really believed them. How funny! Time flies by everyday!

October 19, 2009

sewing and such

this weekend went by too fast! (I hate when that happens). On Saturday we went to the corn maze with Denver's Uncle John and Aunt Libby, and their two kids. It was a lot of fun, except for all the accumulated mud on my boots. But, it gave us all a good laugh.

Also on Saturday I attempted to improve my sewing skills by sewing some scarfs for a Relief Society activity this weekend. It was pretty easy, and I felt like I acccomplished something. Yay!

I finally finished my pinecone wreath! I think it looks pretty darn good. Now I have a decoration to use throughout the fall and winter. I think I'm doing pretty good with my domestic skills.
Looks like my next project will be cleaning all the mud off my boots tonight. Sounds like fun huh? :)