May 6, 2016

Dear Mommy, Love Lincoln

Dear Mommy,

I can see you're tired today. I see it in your eyes. I know you're not moving as fast as you were on Monday. But you still bend down to play with me on the floor, you still get on your knees to help me with tummy time. You still do funny dances with me to make me smile. I'm sorry you're tired Mommy. I just love when you spend time with me. I'll smile extra for you today.

I can see you're frustrated because you're feeling torn about how to spend your time. You smile with me and laugh with me, but I see you glance over my shoulder to see the dirty dishes around the kitchen. I see you look at the clutter building up because you're trying to get a head start on packing. I see you step over dirty clothes and put me down to put them in the hamper. I can see the worry crease your brow because you want to spend all your time with me. It's ok, Mommy. Put me down for ten minutes and work on one thing. I'll be just fine. I have plenty of toys to keep me occupied. If that fails, I'll just play with my toes. 

I can see you're overwhelmed with the thought of how you're doing as a mommy. I can see the uncertainty in your eyes. I see the tears every now and then as you rock me and hold me close. Mommy, you're the best. You give me so many snuggles and kisses. I pretend to be shy about it, but really, I can't get enough. You give me the best hugs, and I can't help but return them. You sing the funniest songs when you change my diaper, and I laugh and laugh. You're pretty funny when you dance around my room and make up silly voices. But I love it!  I wouldn't want you to stop for anything. You keep me clean and smelling good. You keep me on track with my growth and experiencing new things. You take me on fun walks with Chomper and I get to see you make funny faces at me. I love it! I love our tickle fests and funny noise competitions we do. I let you win most of the time, but come on, we both know I'm the best. 

Mommy, I can see you get self conscious when you look at yourself in the mirror. You think you're being lazy if you don't make it out of your pajamas one day. You see your hair is always in a ponytail. You think you should be making yourself more presentable and wear make up to cover the bags under your eyes. Mommy, you're beautiful! I promise your smile makes you more beautiful than any makeup or hair style will do. Mommy, I want you to feel beautiful, so if some days you want to do yourself up, do it! I don't mind. I love you either way. 

Mommy, you're doing a great job. I know I require pretty much all of your time. I know lately I've been wanting extra snuggles and attention, but I promise you it's just because I'm growing and getting more teeth. I know that brings on a whole extra set of worry and changes, but Mommy, don't worry! I'm just fine. I just love being held by you. I love your soothing voice as it rocks me to sleep. I love to see you and Daddy hug each other because it makes me feel loved and secure. Mommy, you're doing just fine. I love you so much. 


Your Son, Lincoln