November 11, 2009

christmas anyone?

I've decided that I don't really want to wait until December to celebrate Christmas. Why can't we just skip to it? That's my problem, I really have a problem waiting for things I want. Especially things I love. So for now, I just have to wait. You know the saying, "Sit back and enjoy the ride?" I've decided that whoever wrote that statement didn't have a roller coaster in mind. They must have had the Disneyland ride "I'ts a Small World" on their brain. I just love that ride, you just casually float along and look at all the pretty little dolls and underground world. I must have this mentality more often for my own life!

Yesterday Teresa and I visited Target (one of our favorite places to go) to browse and peek at their selection of Christmas decorations. We found a pretty cute Christmas plate set for Denver and I to enjoy. Aren't the snowflakes just pretty? I love snowflakes, their delicate structure amazes me. Needless to say the set is timeless, and I hope we are able to enjoy them for a long time. They will be perfect for Denver and I's first Christmas dinner.
As long as I've got Christmas on the brain, and since Thanksgiving is just right around the corner, I have been counting my many blessings and looking at all the things I'm grateful for. Here is just a small portion of my blessings:
-being able to live in a free country
-having the gospel in my life
-having the blessing of eternal families, and being with them forever
-a roof over my head
-sanitary food and water
-a healthy, able body
-this precious life I am able to live
I really could go on and on, as I'm sure many of us could, but those are just a few. I really am thankful for all I have, and try and express it everyday to those I love. I also want to thank my dad for always looking out for me and helping me find a job back up at school. He knows how frustrating the process is for me, and is always looking for jobs for me. My mom is also a huge support to me, and I love them both very much!