May 24, 2013

Two lies and a truth

Did you ever play that game as a kid? Having to tell a group of people two lies and a truth about yourself and see if they could guess the truth? Well I decided to bring back this childhood game so you can learn more about me. And to sweeten the deal I'm going to throw an incentive at you. Whoever guesses all the right answers first, I'll send you a little treat in the mail. If no one gets them all right, I'll do whoever has the best score. So, give it a try! What do you have to loose? :) Good luck!

1. When I grew up, I wanted to be:
A. paleontologist
B. astronaut 
C. lawyer 

2. In high school, I was involved in:
A. the dance team
B. yearbook staff
C. band 

3. As a child, I believed in what the longest:
A. the Easter Bunny
B. Santa
C. Santa's elves

4. Up until what age did I believe "sniping" was a real thing?
A. 16
B. 8
C. 20

5. In college, I worked as:
A. theater janitor
B. telemarketer
C. grocery store clerk

6. I once had a boyfriend who:
A. drove a yellow Corvette
B. dumped me for a guy
C. worked out at the gym more than spending time with me

7. The only bone I have ever broken is:
A. arm
B. collarbone
C. wrist

8. In high school, I once:
A. skipped one class period to cry in the bathroom
B. accidently hit a car in the parking lot, and was so terrified I drove off
C. thought my lab partner was a complete loser and told him so

9. The scariest thing to happen to me in school was:
A. getting a bad paper cut on my hand. When asked to go to the nurse, I refused.
B. getting caught cheating on a test
C. having a tornado warning 

10. In college I contemplated on this major before deciding on English:
A. philosophy
B. business
C. nursing