March 14, 2011

new life

It may be cliche to take a picture of a blossoming tree, but I was so excited to see the trees outside of our apartment greeting spring! I just had to capture the moment. These trees are all over the city, so whenever Denver and I take one of our daily drives to the store, mall, or errands, this wonderful sight is always pleasant to see. It's strange to think that we have only two more weeks in this part of our life. Denver's internship has been a success for him, because now he really knows what part of advertising he really wants to do. (And making tons of phone calls, and being a "secretary" is not what he wants). That was his response when I asked him what he does all day during the days at his internship. :)

Today has been a peaceful sort of day. Just mellow. (I'm listening to "Make it With You" by Bread. Sums up that mellow-like feeling). We had to do our laundry, and we found another laundromat to do it in. One that was much more cleaner and may I be so bold as to say less-ghetto as the other one we had been going to. May not seem very exciting, but it was to me. Denver also treated me to Panera for lunch while we waited for the laundry to finish. What a sweet guy. I really do love him!!

Saturday we celebrated Denver's birthday. He wanted to see the movie "Battle L.A." and go to dinner, so we did just that. Denver's friend from CA, Chris, joined us. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner because Denver was craving some real meat to eat. As for the movie, he was content seeing L.A. being destroyed. What a monkey. On Sunday after church, Chris and his sister Andrea invited us to go to one of the parks out here, Mermount Park or something like that. It's huge, over 100 acres of beautiful park. I forgot to take my camera (no surprise there) so no pictures. Maybe we'll give it another visit before we leave.

Well, there was just a little quick update on what's been happening. Somebody is coming to look at our apartment today. Cross your fingers, we've already had two people back out on us. Third time's the charm right??