December 15, 2010

what a way to end...

Yes, I know it's been quite a few days since I've blogged (understatement of the year). Since my last post, Thanksgiving has come and gone, Denver and I have sold our apartment contract, got the news of Denver's internship, (happy day!!!) found an apartment in VA, put in our last days at work, finished all our classes, and bought a pony. (just kidding about that last one) Been busy? Oh yes. Right now, I'm taking a break from studying for finals. Let me tell you, I HATE studying for tests. I've always been so stressed about tests, and this week has about done me in. I can't tell you how many definitions I've read over and over, how many hairs I've pulled out of my head, or how many dishes I FINALLY put away in the dishwasher. But, the end is near and I'm taking my last two finals tomorrow and Friday. And then, I will be able to breathe. PSYCHE!

I sure wish I'll be able to breathe on Friday, yet our packing adventure will begin. Oh joy. Although I'm dead tired while typing this, I am very happy. Because this semester has been one filled with so much knowledge and learning, that I am happy to be alive and have a brain inside of my head. I love learning, and this is why I love school. Just not right now :)

Anyway, once this week passes, I'll be able to breathe and look forward to Christmas!!! And Denver's and I new adventure into the unknown. Once again. All for the best though, I know.