September 9, 2009

progress...little by little...

As defined by Webster, progress means a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage. definately true with our room. It's progressing to become at its best! Denver and I put together the dresser together, and by that time we'd both had our quota of fun with furniture.

Last night Denver put together the nightstands while I cooked our first dinner as a married couple. Yipee! Thanks to I made a delicious broccoli, cheese and chicken bundles. Yum, yum. I should have taken a picture, but I'm still working on the love of photography. Not as much my thing as it is Denver's. Maybe someday I'll learn :)
Still working on adjusting to married life and Cali. I'm thinking it's going pretty good so far..i'll take that as a good thing.

September 7, 2009

Week Two

So today is our second week in California. We went to Ikea furniture oultet last Thursday and picked up some nice furniture for our bedroom. Denver and I put together the dresser yesterday and today I attempted to do our nightstands. Let's just say that didn't last very long-maybe I'll try again later.
I can't wait until our bedroom is all done, that will be a very happy day indeed. I'm trying to think of what to make for dinner tonight. Maybe will be helpful in assisting me...