February 1, 2012

Nice is nice

I have a confession. I have always been an avid people watcher. I know, kind of a creepy statement. But lately, I have unintentionally kicked it up a notch. Work for me is at a fast food joint. Not glamorous by any means, but it is a job that requires me to be in contact with people...all the time. At the counter, cleaning tables, at the drive thru window, you get the picture. And lately, I have been noticing how common courtesy is going down the drain. How people rarely smile anymore, or simply ask, "How are you today?" This post is not meant to be cynical or depressing. Quite the contrary. It has helped me realize, holy crap, I hope I am not one of those people who have a permanent scowl on their face, and act like a snapping turtle through a drive thru window to innocent victims. 

I realize that my job is way down the food chain of jobs people want to have. But having this job has really helped me open up a bit, and really get to observe people. And I wish with all my heart that people could be nicer to one another. Because I know everybody has a story. I know that even if I just ask someone how their day goes, I can get a smile out of them. Or just having a cheerful voice over the drive thru intercom, it makes a difference to some people. I admit, there are some days when people are rude to me, that I just want to yell at them to get a life. Or ignore them completely, somehow, I have perfected the Silent Treatment when people are rude to me. But I have to stop and tell myself, "This isn't the last time someone is going to hurt your feelings." I have to remind myself to just be nice to people, and everything will be ok. 

Elder Neal A. Maxwell said,  "More meekness does not translate to weakness, but “it is the presentation of self in a posture of kindness and gentleness. It reflects certitude, strength, serenity; it reflects a healthy self-esteem and a genuine self-control” 
So. This post was a little scattered, but this idea of being nice is not an old fashioned practice. It is something that should be so easy, yet people make it so hard. Being meek is not being weak, it is a Christ-like attribute. So, if anything worthwhile came out of my brain right now, it is to just be nice.