July 1, 2014

25...Quarter of a Century

Today is my birthday. Not to sound conceited or wanting extra attention, but I just feel so happy and blessed today. So grateful to be alive. So happy the sun is shining (thank you California). And feeling so blessed to belong to the family I do. I'm forever grateful for that. I keep thinking that I can't be 25...it just doesn't sound right :) And I was thinking I don't write much about my day-to-day things/feelings often, so enjoy.

Drinking: ice water. It's kind of hot already :)
Reading: The second book in the Fallen series. Also A Little Princess. I don't believe you have to finish one book and go on to the next. I like having multiple stories to think about :)
Wanting: to feel more confident about going to Girls' Camp next week. :)
Looking: out the window. Loving the sunshine and summer weather.
Playing: Candy Crush, what else?
Wasting: time probably. I could always be using my time better. 
Enjoying: life. Not trying to sound corny or anything, but my birthday wish to myself is to make this upcoming year more enriching for myself. 
Waiting: impatiently to see my family again :) 
Liking: pomegranate fruit strips from Target's Simply Balanced brand. So yummy.
Wondering: what the day will hold.
Loving: having Denver as my companion. I honestly don't know what I would do without him.
Hoping: to have not as much stress the rest of the week.
Needing: books. Can never have enough books.
Smelling: vanilla scented candle. Such a home-y, relaxing smell.
Wearing: simple jewelry. No fuss. Casual.
Noticing: how cute Chomper looks curled up in the chair next to me. What a sweetheart. 
Knowing: how precious life is, and to never take it for granted.
Thinking: about what I want to accomplish as a 25 year old :)
Feeling: Grateful for all that I have.

Opening: birthday card from my cousin Jamie. She's the best!