March 31, 2010

uniforms and french fries

Here's a little update on the lives of two college students. End of the term homework and finals to finish up. Next week is the last week of the semester. I'm sure happy to move on to a new semester, and be rid of the horrible winter weather here. I am craving sunshine and warmness!

If this isn't a little help from up above, I don't know what is. Denver and I both got called with job offers the same day about a week ago. Denver got to return to his old job, and I am now blessed with the job of a fast food worker. Denver is settling quite well into his work schedule, and I'm doing OK. So far, this week has been my first week on the job. My days are short so far, I'm just getting trained. I'm now seeing firsthand, the behind the scenes at working at a fast food restaurant. Can't say I love it, can't say I hate it. It will be a huge adjustment. It's a little hard being the only new employee, not everyone is the friendliest, but I am blessed with a patient manager who praised me highly for making my first ice cream cone. (And didn't laugh at me when I didn't hold down the lid while making a shake, which then proceeded to explode all over me). So as we can see, I have a long way to go. It is a little intimidating with all I have to learn (and remember!) but this morning I was reading in Mosiah 23:28 and it basically said to "hush your fears." I'm thinking that is my new motto for a while.

Well, this next semester will be a busy one. With both Denver and I taking classes and working, it will be a new experience. But life is full of new experiences, they never leave you.