August 22, 2011

back to reality...

Denver and I just got done with a week and a half long vacation of fun and sun. First we spent some time celebrating our anniversary in Vegas baby! (pictures to come later). Then we headed out to see his parents in California for a week. What a relaxing vacation, full of fun, sun and family. The only bad thing about the vacation was getting a sunburn on my neck. This happened during our excursion to Santa Cruz on the boardwalk. We were in the sun all day and silly me, I keep forgetting how delicate my skin is. It hasn't been exposed to sun for a while. But it's ok now, just looks like I have a skin disease on my neck :D

Now we are back to reality. Errands to run, fridge to stock, and back to work. You always need a vacation to remind you how blessed you are. And how life is really not bad and you have nothing to complain about. :D