June 10, 2012

Date Night and Update

I realize it has been a while since blogging, so I thought I would offer a quick update on the Andersen's. Denver has been busy working and being involved in his business IBC class. In that class, the students are supposed to create their own businesses and sell products. Denver and his group are selling churros this semester, and boy are they good! Denver's churro stand is the best one by far on campus.( I promise I'm not biased or anything). Between that class and working, Denver is pretty busy. What a trooper. 

For me, I have been busy, busy, busy with school. Graduation is less than a month away (yikes!) I have two final 18-20 page papers to write. Needless to say, school has kept me on my toes. Even though I have developed a major case of senior blues, I can't wait to graduate and move forward. I started a second block tennis class last week which is a great stress reliever. I even have a pink tennis racquet. I have been working as assistant manager at work now, which is more stress and time, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (That's what I hear anyway). 

Anyway, Denver and I have really busy conflicting schedules, and we hadn't been on a date literally in forever. So, last night we went down to Idaho Falls and a wonderful dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then saw the movie "John Carter". We had a wonderful time being together. Before the movie we stopped at Target to browse. I love when we go places together. I want to spend all my time looking at things for our future place and updates I would like to make. Denver heads for the electronics, inspecting everything. Silly boys. We decided being superheroes for the night was the way to go. (I love how ridiculously creepy we look).