May 17, 2010

The Roaring Twenties

I've been doing lots of thinking lately. Thinking how most of your maturity comes when you're in your twenties. I look at my life and know I haven't done anything way spectacular yet. But I've come to realize how much life really does consist of learning and growing each day. I'm also beginning to learn the importance of self, self-worth, the power of women. I've been reading in Sherri Dew's book, "No Doubt" and have been slowly gaining more self-confidence as my role as a wife and eventually mother. There is a huge difference between women in the world, and not of the world. Twenties are definitely the time to figure out who you want to strive to become. I have this poem by Dr. Suess, and it pretty much sums up with what I'm striving to do each day.

"Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive that is You'er than you. Shout aloud, "I am glad to be what I am, thank goodness I'm not a ham or a clam or a dusty old bottle of gooseberry jam! I am what I am. What a great thing to be. If I say so myself, "Happy everyday to me!"

Good old Dr. Suess.