January 2, 2012

A Day Into 2012

2012. Can't believe it's another new year. I say that every year. But it's true! Sometimes I just have to pause and  marvel how fast time goes by. How different things are, how much I've "matured" (what a fun way to say growing up) and how grateful I am for everything. 

How did Denver and I spend the New Year? Well, on New Year's Eve, we both had to work. We had plans to go to a friend of a friends' house after, and so that was the only thing getting me through work. So, funny story at work. We were supposed to close at ten, but our manager forgot to leave a set of keys at work, so we couldn't lock up. And for some unidentified reason, people kept thinking we were open, and wanted ice cream. I was ready to pull my hair out. Finally, our manager showed up and locked up those doors. Then I had to take apart the ice cream machines. I thought that would take five or ten minutes. It took longer because the machine decided to explode ice cream everywhere. Happy New Years! :D Needless to say, that was an experience I won't forget. But I finally got out of there and got to enjoy the rest of the night (two hours) with friends playing Apples to Apples and eating. And don't forget the fireworks. Denver and his buddies had a ball with lighting those things off, while us ladies just went inside and sat on the couch. 

I apologize for not having pictures. I really am not a picture person, and I lost my charger for my camera, so until I find it, Denver is responsible for taking pictures. 

As I was thinking about the New Year, I decided to make New Year Resolutions. I do this every year, and it never gets old for me. I love looking through my journal to see what goals I wanted to make throughout the years, which ones I kept up with, and ones I didn't do so hot on. So here are a few goals for 2012. 


  • Focus on the positive 
  • Embrace change 
  • Exercise more faith and not fear 
  • Strengthen all the relationships in my life 
So. There are some goals for me to work on this year. I wish everyone a happy start to 2012.