June 7, 2010

Family Ties

This weekend Denver and I got to fly to Nebraska to see my brother, Brady graduate. I was super excited to go home and see my family. Denver and I were able to attend Brady's graduation party, go to the actual graduation, and go out to dinner afterward. I didn't get any pictures because my camera was dead when we got there. (Funny how the important things never get documented) But everyone had a great time and I got my small dose of wonderful Nebraska weather humidity and all. I loved it.

Note: Brady is going to be attending BYU in the fall. I forgot the title of his major, but he is going to medical school. I am so unbelievably proud of him.

As I've been married I'm beginning to realize how different it is from being single. Meaning I don't get to see my family much, and sometimes I get pretty sad about it. But I realize that before long, Denver and I will settle into a routine. And we will be able to spend time with both families, and it will get easier. And I've realized how much I love Denver! :D And how much Denver loves me. And I guess I couldn't really ask for anything more!