October 11, 2011

Adult begins with A

So. I'm constantly telling Denver that maybe I shouldn't have a blog, because I feel I have nothing really exciting to share. I don't have kids, I'm not doing anything but school and work. Of course, being the wonderful husband he is, Denver tells me that I do have something to share, that I am still living a worthwhile life. Thanks honey.

Pondering what that really met--living a worthwhile life--brought me to the conclusion that even though I don't have kids at this time in my life and all I'm doing is getting an education, that's still worth something. Something some people in this world only dream about. And I am grateful.

Being in school does give me the chance to connect what I'm learning in class to real life. Pretty much the purpose right? So in my English class we have to write a magazine. And this week we had to think about what our magazine should be about. I wasn't in the mood to have our magazine be about dating, or anything like that. So I suggested it be about "Discovering You." I wanted this magazine to be a magazine about discovering who you are, right now, at this time in your life. I wanted to explore how to really and truly find yourself, and be happy with who you are. Of course, this all leads to my own personal life. Being in your twenty's is hard. You're technically an adult, but still yearn to call mom and have her take care of all your troubles. And being married in your twenty's...yes, that qualifies you as an adult. So since I have no kids, this is what is on my mind. Learning to be comfortable with myself and figuring out who I even want to be. Am I really doing things that make me happy? Am I making adult decisions? How am I handling those decisions? What am I doing to improve myself, and what am I doing to strengthen my testimony? Of course, I don't have any of these questions figured out right now. I'm still sorting them and processing them in my mind. I'm hoping this magazine will help me out--because my group thought that this was a great idea.
So. Getting an education here at school really is helping me become an adult. Being married is helping me become more adult-like in my thought process, and through my actions. Maybe none of this is relevant to anyone else, but to me, it's my life. I figure, being at my age, we're through being teenagers. It is time to grow up. And this applies to being at school, fulfilling church callings, and work responsibilities. I'm realizing that hey, I am an adult, and I have to act like it. Certain situations at work have opened my eyes that there are problems happening at work that aren't acceptable. And I'm the adult. So, find a solution! I can't have my mom call my manager and have her explain the problems I'm facing. I have to talk to my manager to find solutions. It's such a new experience, and it's making me realize that I'd like to be a kid again :)

Overall, this blog is a chance for me to outlet my feelings. And that's enough for me.