January 7, 2011

A Whole New World

Well...it's almost been a week since we've moved to Virginia. It's been quite a bumpy ride already. When we first moved in, our apartment was FREEZING! And, we didn't have electricity. Apparently there was some miscommunication between the apartment complex and the power company. So, we spent the first day or so without light, warmth, or running water. Great housewarming gift, right? Anyway, we finally got everything settled and now are able to enjoy the luxuries of a warm shower, blessed light, and a warm apartment. So I think for now, we are finally getting settled and are taking time to explore our new city. It's quite different from what I'm used to at least. We live near downtown, across the bridge. So it's kind of like living in a mini Brooklyn, and being across the bridge from Manhattan. But of course, on a much smaller scale. :) It's a whole new world from Rexburg, that's for sure.

So here are some pictures of the apartment. Denver and I do have one of our dreams fulfilled-of living in an apartment with exposed brick (even though it's painted over with white paint) and having hardwood floors (painted over with a brownish beige color) and high exposed ceilings. It's not a very big apartment, but will be perfect for the three months we live here. The building itself is pretty cool, it used to be an old tobacco factory and is now renovated for apartment living. Anyway, it's a pretty cozy little nook. Our kitchen has plenty of storage space, our bathroom is huge, and Denver now has a mancave. I know he's pretty happy about that! :) Our furniture was all bought from thrift stores around the city for pretty cheap. Our couch was only $10 (Denver's friend Chris is going to let us use his steam cleaner. I'm still nervous to sit on it :-), and we got our little table set for $70 including the chairs. Denver was able to find a desk for his computer for $5. And our adorable little entertainment center was found at Goodwill for $25. I think we got some pretty good bargains. Our bedroom looks a little sad, but oh well. Not much we can do about that!

Anyway, this is the next adventure in Denver and I's life. I hope it will be great!