February 16, 2010

mommy and me

Yesterday my mom and my aunt Robin came up to school to visit me. It was a wonderful visit, complete with food, crafts, and pedicures. Monday was a day trying to find the perfect curtains to go in our apartment. I've decided I'm never shopping for curtains again. We have to wait for them to be delivered. I hope I like them on my walls. We went to Applebee's for dinner, and it was really good. Until about 11:30 I threw everything up. I plan on complaining to Applebee's.

Today we got pedicures and Aunt Robin got a manicure. It was very relaxing, there's nothing I love better than having my feet rubbed. We also went to Porters, (a craft store up here) and made bracelet watches. Because crafts are not my thing, I was extremely proud of my watch and how it turned out. I also got a surprise call today from Teresa :D my day just couldn't get any better.

Overall, it was great seeing my mom. I sure do miss her. And my Aunt Robin is just as crazy as ever, so the past two days were filled with much laughter and jokes. It was much needed.