December 31, 2009

winter wonderland

yesterday it snowed for the first time up here. Time to break out the ice scrapers. I was a little annoyed at first because now that the snow has started, it probably won't stop for a while. I also get to start driving on slick roads. Gross. today though, Denver and I decided to make the best of the situation and build a snowman. I can't tell you the last time I actually did that, and we had a blast. I named him Charlie, and he's right outside our window. What a peeping tom. :)

I can't believe today is New Year's Eve, and it's the last day of 2009. My goodness. Time for me to make my New Year's Resolution list. Another year has come and gone. "Ring out Wild Bells!"
Tonight Denver and I might make an appearance at our stake's New Year's Eve party. We haven't really decided yet.

Happy New Year!