September 3, 2009

Fresh Start

Happy day! Today Teresa and I set up the bedding set on our bed in Gustine. Isn't it just amazing?

Aren't these pillows just the cutuest? If I get tired of the blue side, I can just switch it over to the white side. Marvelous. I hope to go do some research on Ikea's website and see what I want for our bedroom. Once I get a game plan down, I'll post it. Wish me luck, this is all out of my comfort zone. :)

Well, today has been good so far. Last Denver and I were dead tired so we crashed at like 8;30. No joke. But that made it pretty easy to wake up at 5:30 this morning ;) Hopefully it won't be an everyday thing or I'll never get anything done. We decided we are going to alternate days we stay up in Cathey's Valley and Gustine until the season gets really busy, and then we'll just stay in Gustine. But Denver and I have decided the commute isn't really for us. But what can you do but make the best of it? The drive conversations are great.

September 2, 2009

Day 4 in Cali

It's almost been a week since we've moved to California! Happy day! :) Today Teresa and I went to the outlets in Gilroy, we had a nice shopping time together. Now we're back at work and I have a ton of thank you notes to write so that will keep me busy.

Yesterday we got off work early, so Denver and I had a little date night. We went into Merced and cruised Target. I just love that store. Today Teresa and I went back and got a bedding set, so I'm way pumped to put it on our bed. It will be so cute!

August 31, 2009

So today was our first offical day in Cali! I went to the office with Teresa and she showed me around the nuthouse. So I got to learn the ropes of the family business. There's not much to worry about like I originally thought...what a relief. Sometimes I really get nervous about little things and then they turn out to be fine. Ha who would've thought? Let's see, funny moment today was that I learned how impatient Mr. Denver can be when he's trying to teach something. So here's a little tip...if you have a question about using Photoshop, just google it. Or you can face the wrath of Denver. Take your pick. :)

Let's see after work Denver and I went grocery shopping, which is fun because Denver takes me up and down every single aisle. He is such a silly goose. That is why I love him. Tomorrow will be a fun day because we get to go to the DMV and pick up a booklet for me to study so I can get a new license. I really don't understand that rule about taking the driving test again if you're only trying to get your name changed on the license. But that's just me talking. Oh well.

I'm going to continue the blog, and I'm still getting used to everything. But it's going to be a fun adventure!