March 17, 2016

Dear Lincoln: You and I kid.

Dear Lincoln,

This week has been such a good week for you and I. You've been such a happy little boy! And you're well on your way to becoming a baby boy and no longer a newborn. That saddens me just a little bit. Oh how I loved having a newborn! I loved watching you sleep and make your contented sighs. I loved how you slept on me ALL the time. I do miss those short months, but we've come into a new stage. You're so much fun to be around, always smiling and laughing with your mama. Your smile melts my heart EVERY single time I see you. 

The other day we had such a special bonding moment. I was leaning over to say hi to you in your pack and play and you just reached up and started feeling my face. Usually, you're pretty quick to pull my hair or my neck, but this time you just stared at me and your little hands roamed my face. It's like you were saying hello. This lasted for a few moments, and then your little coy smile appeared and you started grabbing my hair. But I didn't care. I would've let you pull it all out if I could get another moment like that again with you. You and I kid, we're going to have a lot of bonding moments. 

Today isn't really a special day, but it's just been a good week. You've even fallen asleep on me a couple of times, which by the way, don't stop doing for a while. I love it. You've just been talking and laughing with me. Whoever says motherhood isn't a real job is lying. Whoever says just staying home with your baby isn't a real job is lying. This is without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done. It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I'm happy to have you by my side Lincoln. You and I kid, we're going to have a lot of adventures together. 

Lincoln, I'll love you forever, I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. 

My heart has been full this week. I've thanked my Heavenly Father every day for letting Him trust in me to be your mama. You make me so happy. You make me smile more than I ever have. You give me a reason for living, and you give me the strength to become better. I can never thank you enough. You and I kid, we're going places.

Your Mother