September 29, 2012

11 Things About Me

Thanks Shannon for tagging me in your blog was certainly a kick in the pants for me to do another blog post. So here it goes! Here are the questions I was supposed to answer:

  1. Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants? I am definitely a planner. I really love when things are planned out and taken into consideration. Flying by my pants sends my heart racing and my mind whirling. 
  2. Today was amusing because _________Our little puppy Chomper would NOT, and I repeat NOT go on a walk today. Mid-walk she just decided to sit and not move. Tantrum much? So I had to carry her home. 
  3. How hungry are you right now? Not very hungry. I had breakfast awhile ago, my usual Cream of Wheat with chocolate chips.
  4. Bad news:  sugarcoated or straight-up? Straight-up. I would rather have it over with rather than trying to make me feel better before bad news.
  5. How do you get out of a rut? Following my mom's advice, Get busy! If I sit around doing nothing, it's super easy to feel depressed. So, if I'm in a rut, I have to pick myself up and pluck me into a new situation to get going again. 
  6. What are you a geek about? Movie trivia. I'm sort of a geek when it comes to actor's lives. I know, really, who cares? But it's interesting. Also, books. I LOVE reading so I can relate anything in life to a book I read.
  7. What do you crave? Depends on my mood. Sometimes, ok actually more than sometimes, it's chocolate. But I can really crave chips when I need something salty.
  8. What was the last bad movie you watched? I can't remember. It was something on Netflix.
  9. Do you have any new friends? Yes, my sister-in-law Heidi. We are spending more time together, and it's been wonderful having a girl friend.
  10. You want a new _________ book. I can't get enough of books.
  11. What makes you feel wonderful? When my husband tells me I'm wonderful, or something I've done is wonderful.