November 2, 2009

goblins and wizards and witches...oh my!

this past weekend was one of my favorite holidays...HALLOWEEN! Our branch put together a "trunk or treat" and Denver and I were determined to have the best trunk there. And suprise, suprise we won the best trunk! We were pretty pleased with ourselves...we sure had a lot of fun decorating it! We totally went all out. And what is Halloween without costumes? Denver became a wizard for the night...(he never specified what kind of wizard he was, so all the kids called him different names such as Merlin and Gandalf) and I became a witch. So much fun!
you know you're getting older when you stay home Halloween night and watch a movie and find yourself wondering what all the Halloween hubub is all about. That's what I felt this year..although I had a great time that night with family.
some upcoming events in my life this week...going to Portland for the weekend for my cousin's wedding. A short little visit, but it will be deeply gratifying and wonderful to see my family!!! I can hardly wait. :D