February 16, 2011

just thinking

It's been a little challenging to think of what to post these past couple of months, just because not a whole lot has been happening here. Other than Denver's internship, and church, we haven't really ventured out and explored. But we are doing pretty well. Denver is really enjoying his internship. I think he's feeling quite grown-up. :) Church out here is a tiny little branch which is unique. We have made friends, the only other young couple in the branch, which was a great blessing. I was about to go crazy. We haven't been able to get jobs, which was something I was anticipating. No one wants to hire people for only a few months. So we've had to budget extremely well.

For Valentine's Day, Denver got me two movies. Movies are the other love of my life, so Denver has kept a track of the ones I'd watched on Netflix. I couldn't stop talking about a cute 80's movie that I'd watched, Peggy Sue Got Married. So Denver was sneaky and ordered it for me. He also got me the movie Valentine's Day. How appropriate!

I figured out the other day Denver and I have been married for a year and half. That is beyond crazy. We've learned a lot about each other, and continue to do so. We've been through a lot of moves, but it's been an adventure. I love you Denver! :)